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Goodyear Zeppelin Airship D-LZFN Over London 30th June 2021 - On 30th June 2021 the Goodyear Zeppelin Airship D-LZFN travelled to London and spent an hour circling over the City of London and Southwark. read more
2022 Remembrance Sunday in Bermondsey 13th November 2022 - 2022 Remembrance Sunday observation at two of Bermondsey's war memorials. read more
Different Photo Angles At St. Paul’s Cathedral 30th October 2022 - St. Paul's cathedral has been photographed from every possible angle, but some are less photographed than others. read more
How To Make A Remembrance Poppy 1st November 2022 - Making a Remembrance Poppy by hand is so straightforward using the wooden template. Stem, leaf, petal and button. read more
The Kirby Estate Supports England’s Footballers 24th July 2022 - If England are playing in an international football competition, the Kirby Estate in Bermondsey (SE London) is festooned with a riot of England flags. read more
Gaia at Southwark Cathedral 11th October 2022 - Luke Jerram's Gaia, a huge representation of the Earth measuring seven metres in diameter, is being displayed at Southwark Cathedral in October 2022. By Day By Night Scale Gaia completely filled the nave of… read more
About Us At The Tower of London 19th November 2022 - Unboxed presented About Us at the Tower of London, a kaleidoscope of imagery and sound projected on the walls watched by huge crowds. read more
The 2022 River Thames Armistice Day Flotilla 11th November 2022 - On 11th November 2022, a flotilla of boats went through London, from Tower Bridge to the Houses of Parliament, to mark Armistice Day. read more
Southwark Cathedral by Candlelight 9th November 2022 - Southwark Cathedral photographed by flickering candlelight. read more
2022 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run 7th November 2022 - The 2022 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run took place in heavy rain. Cars, all built before 1905, set off from at dawn to do the 50 miles. read more
2019 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run 3rd November 2019 - Cars, at least 100 years old, take part every November in the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run to celebrate the freedom of the road. read more
2018 HCVS London to Brighton 6th May 2018 - Every year, the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society's London to Brighton run for vintage buses and lorries which have been lovingly restored by their members. Unlike the more famous Veteran Car Run, the HCVS starts… read more