Euston Underground Station Disused Tunnels

Most people know there are disused stations on the London Underground, but fewer know that there are lots of stations which have disused tunnels. These once bustling spaces became redundant over time as more efficient (in terms of people moving) escalators replaced lifts and stations were reconfigured with the opening of new lines.

And so it is at Euston. Entering through a door from the end of a Northern Line platform you enter tunnels unused by passengers since the Victoria Line was built in the 1960s which resulted in a significant rebuild and the creation of the passenger tunnels used today which were designed to cope safely with far greater numbers.

Whilst disused by passengers, the tunnels are very much in use by the engineers to unobtrusively route cabling around the station and improve the station’s ventilation. The London Transport Museum runs occasional tours around these tunnels which, given their age, have lots of interesting things to see.

1960s posters are as they were last left on the walls and there is the unique underground ticket office, a relic from the days when the lines were operated by different companies.

Go to the surface and the odd structure between platforms two and three becomes interesting as you now know it is the original entrance to the Underground station.

All pictures were taken on 11th February 2022 during a London Transport “Hidden London” tour.


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