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Götheborg of Sweden Sailing Ship Visits London 8th August 2022 - Thousands of people watched Götheborg of Sweden, the world's largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship, make a grand entrance into the Pool of London (between Tower Bridge and London Bridge) on 8th August 2022 with… read more
The Kirby Estate Supports England’s Footballers 24th July 2022 - If England are playing in an international football competition, the Kirby Estate in Bermondsey (SE London) is festooned with a riot of England flags. read more
Superbloom At Night 14th July 2022 - The new flower meadow in the Tower of London's moat seen at dusk. read more
Euston Underground Station Disused Tunnels 11th February 2022 - Most people know there are disused stations on the London Underground, but fewer know that there are lots of stations which have disused tunnels. These once bustling spaces became redundant over time as more… read more
Maunsell Forts 17th April 2017 - Leading out from the Thames Estuary, strange objects rise from the sea. These are the Maunsell Forts, part of the defence of Britain in World War Two. Designed by Guy Maunsell, the Forts have… read more
Whitechapel Bell Foundry 18th February 2017 - Pictures taken during one of the last public tours on 18th February 2017. read more
The Knollys Rose Ceremony 20th June 2018 - Each year the church of All Hallows by the Tower hosts the start of the Knollys Rose Ceremony organised by Watermen's Company. The short version of the story behind the ceremony is someone's wife… read more
Lloyd’s of London 3rd June 2019 - Lloyd's of London, known normally as just Lloyd's, is a market for insurance and reinsurance market in the City of London and housed in an iconic building designed by Norman Foster. Whilst working in… read more
Steam Engine at Poplar DLR 18th June 2022 - In June 2022 the Terrier Trust brought one of their steam locomotives "Poplar" to visit Poplar DLR train maintenance depot to mark it's 150th birthday. "Poplar" is an 0-6-0 Terrier class tank engine and… read more
Superbloom 18th June 2022 18th June 2022 - The flowers of Superbloom at the Tower of London start to appear. Gallery read more
Superbloom 21st June 2022 21st June 2022 - n a glorious summer's day at the Tower of London, the Superbloom tapestry of flowers continue to weave themselves into the most magnificently coloured meadow, creating a new natural habit for wildlife. read more
Fireman’s Corner, Highgate East Cemetery 11th June 2022 - Highgate Cemetery is a large cemetery in North London that was built to take London's dead when London's churchyards could no longer cope with the expanding population. It is one of London's "Magnificent Seven"… read more
Albert Memorial 11th February 2022 - Located in London's Kensington Gardens opposite the Albert Hall, the memorial is a lavish construction of Victorian excess to remember Prince Albert, Consort of Queen Victoria. Amongst his many achievements he is probably best… read more
Kingsway Tram Tunnel 2nd July 2022 - The Kingsway Tram Tunnel was used until the end of London's trams in 1952, carrying trams down to the Embankment to serve the South. read more
VIC 56’s Visit to Central London 27th June 2018 - In June 2018, the preserved steam ship VIC 56 tied up at Hermitage Moorings in Wapping - just downstream from Tower Bridge. After a couple of days it was time to slip her moorings… read more
2018 HCVS London to Brighton 6th May 2018 - Every year, the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society's London to Brighton run for vintage buses and lorries which have been lovingly restored by their members. Unlike the more famous Veteran Car Run, the HCVS starts… read more
Stanmore Fire Station Open Day 2nd September 2018 - London Fire Brigade open day at Stanmore Fire Station on 2nd September 2018. BFH972 ex Gloucester City FB TLP 1938 - 1969 Leyland TLM2A Metz DGJ309 Leyland TLM Metz London Fire Brigade Soho 1937… read more
Fort Amherst – Chatham 4th June 2022 - Fort Amherst in Chatham is a Napoleonic fort built to defend the Medway and Royal Navy dockyard after the Dutch raided it in 1667. The fort is vast, both above ground and below which… read more
2022 HCVS London to Brighton Run 8th May 2022 - Every year, the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society organises a run from London to Brighton for the buses and lorries which have been beautifully restored by their members. Unlike the more famous Veteran Car Run,… read more
Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Flypast 2nd June 2022 - The Queen's Platinum Jubilee flypast seen from Waterloo Bridge on 2nd June 2022. read more
Tower of London Church Battle 26th May 2022 - On Ascension Day, 26-May-2022, there was a battle on Tower Hill between two age old enemies; the Tower of London and the church of All Hallows by the Tower, in a dispute over the… read more
Billingsgate Roman House and Baths 21st May 2022 - In the City of London, beside a busy road and beneath a non-descript office building is a fabulous survival from the time of Roman London. A building where the Romans got hot and sweaty… read more
2022 Royal Hospital, Chelsea 19th May 2022 - The Royal Hospital in Chelsea is possibly the world's most famous retirement home, where the Chelsea Pensioners live turning out for formal events in their well known scarlet (don't call it red) jackets and… read more
Tower Bridge 11th May 2022 - Not to be confused with London Bridge, Tower Bridge was completed in 1894. read more
2022 Firefighter’s Memorial Day 5th May 2022 - St Florian is the Patron Saint of Firefighters and so his Feast Day of 4th May is marked as Firefighters' Memorial Day. Firefighters Memorial is close to St Paul's Cathedral. read more
2022 Canal Cavalcade 1st May 2022 - Little Venice, London read more
2022 Charterhouse 23rd February 2022 - read more
2022 Life Guards 30th January 2022 - read more
2022 King Charles I Commemoration 30th January 2022 - Whitehall and Horseguards, London read more
2021 Cart Marking 18th September 2021 - One of the City of London's many ceremonies is "Cart Marking". Vehicle which are allowed to ply for trade within the City's walls have a registration number branded using a hot iron on to… read more
2021 Bermondsey Snow 6th February 2021 - read more
2020 Red Arrows London 18th June 2020 - French President Macron visited London on the 18th June 2020 to mark the 80th anniversary of General Charles de Gaulle’s radio broadcast to the people of occupied France during World War Two. To mark… read more
2019 The Monument Cibber Sculpture 17th November 2019 - The story of the Great Fire of London is told in the sculpture by Cibber at the base of The Monument to the 1666 Great Fire of London. The pictures show the sculpture in… read more
2019 Lloyd’s Register 17th September 2019 - read more
2019 Cardboard Guildhall 31st July 2019 - A cardboard replica of the City of London's Guildhall, built in Guildhall Yard. read more
2019 Lord Mayor’s Balloon Regatta 9th June 2019 - Every year, if weather conditions permit and you get up very early in the morning, there is one day when you can see the magical sight of hot air balloons drifting over London. The… read more
“Clan Line” Steam Locomotive 24th November 2018 - Preserved steam locomotive Merchant Navy Class 35028 "Clan Line" at London Victoria railway station on 24th November 2018 with it's train of Pullman coaches. read more