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  • 2023 London Festival of Railway Modelling
    Every year, the London Festival of Railway Modelling brings a huge number of model railway layouts and trade stands to Alexandra Palace in North London.
  • John “Jock” Christie VC
    John Jock Christie VC, LNWR Parcels Clerk, remembered by a plaque on one of the black columns in Euston railway station.
  • Great Western Railway Paddington Band
    Every Friday evenings, outside of winter, the Great Western Railway Paddington Band play to a transitory audience of commuters and long distance travellers.
  • Biggin Hill – Strongest Link Memorial
    RAF Biggin Hill Memorial “The Strongest Link” featuring a pilot looking to the sky. It was unveiled in 2022.
  • Biggin Hill RAF Chapel Stained Glass
    The RAF Memorial Chapel has twelve stained glass windows in the main chapel, with more in the annex. The photographs of the windows were taken on 03-Mar-2023. This is a work in progress, please...
  • Steam Locomotive 5699 “Galatea” at London Paddington
    On the evening of 18th February 2023, LMS Jubilee class “Galatea”, running as 45627 “Sierra Leone”, brought a special train into London Paddington.
  • Liverpool Royal Liver Building Tour
    A visit to the Royal Liver Building 360 Tower Tour in Liverpool to see the Liver Birds, clocks and views of Liverpool from the top.
  • Liverpool Queensway Road Tunnel Visit
    Visit to the Mersey Road tunnel which runs from Liverpool to Birkenhead. The visit takes in the original control room and ventilation shaft.
  • Metropolitan Police Marine Policing Unit Museum
    The Metropolitan Police Marine Policing Unit traces its lineage back to 1798 which gives them more than for their own private museum.
  • Kilburn Tin Tabernacle Church
    A corrugated iron church that contains a ship and a cathedral. Far older than you think and with a completely unexpected interior.
  • Charing Cross Underground Station Tunnels
    Exploring, with London Transport Museum’s Hidden London tours, the disused Jubilee Line platforms at Charing Cross and two dark tunnels.
  • Evanescent at the Leadenhall Building
    The vast space under the Leadenhall Building in the City of London is hosting “Evanescent” presented by Atelier Sisu.
  • Sculpture in the City of London 2023
    2023 is the 11th annual “Sculpture in the City” with artworks in prominent places and quite a few in some of the City of London’s corners.
  • Floating Earth by Luke Jerram at Canary Wharf
    “Floating Earth” by Luke Jerram has taken centre stage at the Middle Dock in the Canary Wharf Winter Lights show.
  • Historic RAF Biggin Hill
    A visit to the RAF Memorial Chapel at the former RAF Biggin Hill and then the Spitfire Factory to see the aircraft up close.
  • Frameless Immersive Art Show
    I only went because I got a free ticket and was blown away. You really do feel immersed in the animated paintings. Recommended.
  • The 1067 William Charter to London
    At almost 1,000 years old, the 1067 William Charter is the oldest document held in the City of London archives.
  • This is England – Euro 2020 Team Portraits
    Matt Small’s portraits for the FA of the Euro 2020 team celebrates the team’s achievements and the diverse group that made up the team.
  • St James’ Church, Bermondsey
    St James’s Church, Bermondsey, is a Church of England church. It was built by the Commission for Building Fifty New Churches and consecrated in 1829. Located South of the River Thames in London close...
  • Somerset House
    Somerset House traces its history back hundreds of years. Having been home to Navy, records and tax offices, it is now an arts venue.
  • London Museum of Water and Steam
    Home to a huge number of exhibits explaining the history of London’s water supply. The two beam engines are big, very big.
  • Steam Tug Portwey
    Built in 1927, Portwey is a preserved steam powered tug taken care of by a dedicated band of volunteers at their base in West India Dock.
  • St. Eval Church near Newquay in Cornwall
    St. Eval Church, just like thousands of parish churches found across the UK, serves the local community and is steeped in their history.
  • Museum of the Moon at the Old Royal Naval College
    The Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, South East London, is now playing host to Luke Jerram’s “Museum of the Moon”.
  • The Fan Museum, Greenwich
    London has some pretty specialised museums. There’s a bread board museum, a sewing machine museum and The Fan Museum in Greenwich which has an exquisite collection of fans . The museum’s home is a...
  • LMS Black Five 44871 at London Victoria
    On 6th December 2022, LMS “Black Five” 44871 brought The Railway Touring Company’s “Sherborne Christmas Carol” back to London Victoria.
  • 6233 Duchess of Sutherland at Kings Cross
    On Saturday 3rd December, the LMS steam locomotive brought a special Railway Touring Company train back into Kings Cross.
  • St. Augustine’s Tower, Hackney
    360 virtual tours of St. Augustin’s Tower in Hackney whose roof you reach by climbing a narrow spiral staircase.
  • About Us At The Tower of London
    Unboxed presented About Us at the Tower of London, a kaleidoscope of imagery and sound projected on the walls watched by huge crowds.
  • 2022 Remembrance Sunday in Bermondsey
    2022 Remembrance Sunday observation at two of Bermondsey’s war memorials.
  • The 2022 River Thames Armistice Day Flotilla
    On 11th November 2022, a flotilla of boats went through London, from Tower Bridge to the Houses of Parliament, to mark Armistice Day.
  • Southwark Cathedral by Candlelight
    Southwark Cathedral photographed by flickering candlelight.
  • 2022 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run
    The 2022 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run took place in heavy rain. Cars, all built before 1905, set off from at dawn to do the 50 miles.
  • How To Make A Remembrance Poppy
    Making a Remembrance Poppy by hand is so straightforward using the wooden template. Stem, leaf, petal and button.
  • Different Photo Angles At St. Paul’s Cathedral
    St. Paul’s cathedral has been photographed from every possible angle, but some are less photographed than others.
  • The Roof Garden, The Post Building, New Oxford Street
    Pictures of the panoramic views from the Roof Garden at the Post Building in New Oxford Street, London close to the British Museum.
  • Bromley-by-Bow Gasworks
    Gas was produced at Bromley-by-Bow in East London from 1873 until the 1970s, after which it was used only to store gas. The gas holders were decommissioned in 2010 meaning it is now ripe...
  • Flying Scotsman Visits King’s Cross
    Steam engine “Flying Scotsman” visits King’s Cross, October 2022.
  • Shepherd’s Bush Station Disused (and Reused) Tunnels and Shafts
    A tour around London Underground’s Shepherd’s Bush station’s disused, and reused, tunnels and shafts.
  • Gaia at Southwark Cathedral
    Luke Jerram’s Gaia, a huge representation of the Earth measuring seven metres in diameter, is being displayed at Southwark Cathedral in October 2022. By Day By Night Scale Gaia completely filled the nave of...
  • Steam Tug Challenge Sails Up The River Thames
    The preserved Steam Tug Challenge, a World War Two Dunkirk evacuation veteran, sailed up the River Thames on 10th October 2022.
  • X-Pilot Rendezvous With Waverley and Challenge
    In October 2022 X-Pilot, paddle steamer Waverley and steam tug Challenge rendezvoused at the World War Two Red Sands Maunsell fort.
  • Shirley Windmill, Croydon
    The historic windmill at Shirley in Croydon.
  • Victoria Coach Station Vintage Gathering
    On 24th September 2022, London’s Victoria Coach Station hosted a gathering of vintage coaches, all lovingly preserved in working order by a band of dedicated enthusiasts. The gathering, organised by Thames Valley & Great...
  • Sailing Ship “Stad Amsterdam” Visits London
    On 19th September 2022, the Dutch sailing ship “Stad Amsterdam”, was moored at George Stairs, close to Tower Bridge in London.
  • A Royal Proclamation at The Royal Exchange
    The reading, in the City of London, of the Proclamation confirming Charles III as King on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Superbloom in Autumn
    As Autumn came, the flowers of the Superbloom meadow in the Tower of London’s moat are starting to die off. But there is still colour to be found.
  • Sailing Vessel Tenacious
    Tenacious, owned by the Jubilee Sailing Trust, is purpose built to enable people of all abilities to take an active part in sailing the ship.
  • Trinity House
    Trinity House, on Tower Hill, is home to the Corporation of Trinity House. Amongst other things, they have controlled the lighthouses, licensed ship’s pilots and maintained navigation marks in England since 1514. They are...
  • Colne Thames Barge Match (Race) 2022
    The River Colne Thames Barge Match is traditionally the last race of the year between traditional Thames Sailing Barges.
  • Thames Vitality Oxygenation Boat
    The Thames Water Vitality and Bubbler boats oxygenate the River Thames when sewage is released untreated into the River Thames.
  • Markfield Beam Engine
    Markfield Park is a green oasis in Tottenham bordering the River Lea which has a stinky past, a brown stinky past. The park started off life as filter beds for Tottenham’s sewage where the...
  • Caledonian Park Clock Tower
    Today, Smithfield meat market in the City of London is a quietly efficient meat market in the heart of the City but, until the mid-1800s, it also handled live animals. Live animals making lots...
  • Götheborg of Sweden Sailing Ship Visits London
    The 17th century Götheborg of Sweden, the world’s largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship, visited London in August 2022.
  • The Kirby Estate Supports England’s Footballers
    If England are playing in an international football competition, the Kirby Estate in Bermondsey (SE London) is festooned with a riot of England flags.
  • Superbloom At Night
    The flower meadow, new for 2022, in the Tower of London’s moat ,had a different feel to it when seen at dusk with the lighting.
  • Cruise Ship “Hamburg” Visits London
    On 10th July 2022, the cruise ship “Hamburg” visited London, sailing up the River Thames and passing through Tower Bridge.
  • Kingsway Tram Tunnel
    The Kingsway Tram Tunnel was used until the end of London’s trams in 1952, carrying trams down to the Embankment to serve the South.
  • Superbloom 21st June 2022
    On a glorious summer’s day at the Tower of London, the Superbloom tapestry of flowers continue to weave themselves into the most magnificently coloured meadow, creating a new natural habit for wildlife.
  • Cruise Ship “Silver Wind” Leaves London
    On 19th June 2022, the cruise ship “Silver Wind” passed through Tower Bridge and left London guided by tugs.
  • Superbloom 18th June 2022
    The flowers of Superbloom in the Tower of London’s moat, started to appear transforming plain grass into a carpet of colour.
  • Steam Engine at Poplar DLR
    To mark the 150th birthday of steam locomotive “Poplar”, the engine was a guest of the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) at their train maintenance depot in Poplar. The steam engine “Poplar”, owned by The...
  • Fireman’s Corner, Highgate East Cemetery
    Highgate Cemetery is a large cemetery in North London that was built to take London’s dead when London’s churchyards could no longer cope with the expanding population. It is one of London’s “Magnificent Seven”...
  • Cargo Ship Fure Vinga Visits London
    The Swedish cargo ship “Fure Vinga” was an unusual sight to be seen tied up alongside HMS Belfast in early June 2022.
  • The Mansion House
    The Mansion House is home to the Lord Mayor of the City of London for their one year in office, and you can book tours to visit it.
  • Euston Underground Station Disused Tunnels
    A tour with Hidden London of Euston Underground station’s disused tunnels, complete with old 1960s advertising posters.
  • Albert Memorial
    A visit behind the railings to The Albert Memorial, a lavish Victorian excess to remember Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s Consort and remembered for The Great Exhibition.
  • The Painted Hall, Greenwich
    Recognisable from many films, the cleverest thing about The Painted Hall in Greenwich is the walls painted to look like carved stone.
  • RRS Sir David Attenborough Passes Woolwich
    The RRS Sir David Attenborough is operated by the British Antarctic Survey and was seen passing Woolwich in filthy weather on 31-Oct-2021.
  • Royal Navy P282 HMS Severn Visits London
    HMS Severn sails out of London after recommissioning into the Royal Navy, the first reactivation of a ship since the 1982 Falklands Conflict.
  • The Great Western Night Riviera Sleeper Train
    Sleeper trains are a very civilised way of travelling long distances. The Night Riviera runs between London and Cornwall.
  • Goodyear Zeppelin Airship D-LZFN Over London
    On 30th June 2021 the Goodyear Zeppelin Airship D-LZFN travelled to London and spent an hour circling over the City of London and Southwark.
  • 2019 Southwark Park Fireworks Over Tower Bridge
    Seen in 2009, the Southwark Park fireworks were a huge display which illuminated the surrounding sky and created a dramatic backdrop for Tower Bridge when seen from the City of London.
  • 2019 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run
    Cars, at least 100 years old, take part every November in the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run to celebrate the freedom of the road.
  • NLV Pharos Visiting London
    NLV Pharos visiting London in September 2019. Pharos maintains shipping navigation marks around the Scottish coastline.
  • Jade 959 in London, September 2019
    The motor yacht Jade 959 visited London in September 2019. The crew of ten can host twelve guests in six suites.
  • French Sailing Ship Belem in London
    Belem start life as a cargo ship in 1896 and was converted into a private yacht and then eventually into a sail training ship.
  • Lloyd’s of London
    A tour around Lloyd’s of London, the City of London’s insurance and reinsurance market housed in an iconic building designed by Norman Foster.
  • HNLMS Urk Minehunter M861 in London
    The Royal Netherlands Navy Alkmaar class mine counter measures vessel HNLMS Urk M861 visiting London in September 2018.
  • Stanmore Fire Station Open Day
    The 2018 Stanmore Fire Station Open Day featured huge numbers of preserved fire appliances from across London Fire Brigade’s history.
  • VIC 56’s Visit to Central London
    In June 2018, the preserved steam ship VIC 56 visited Hermitage Moorings in Wapping – just downstream from Tower Bridge.
  • The Knollys Rose Ceremony
    Each year the church of All Hallows by the Tower hosts the start of the Knollys Rose Ceremony organised by Watermen’s Company. The short version of the story behind the ceremony is someone’s wife...
  • Tower Bridge Moorings
    In amongst the hustle of London, if you know where to look, there are oasis of clam to be found. Along the River Thames through central London, there are several locations where vibrant communities...
  • 2018 HCVS London to Brighton
    Every year, the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society’s London to Brighton run for vintage buses and lorries which have been lovingly restored by their members. Unlike the more famous Veteran Car Run, the HCVS starts...
  • Maunsell Forts
    Looking out into the Thames Estuary, strange objects rise from the sea. These are the Maunsell Forts, part of the defence of Britain in World War Two.
  • Whitechapel Bell Foundry
    The Whitechapel Bell Foundry had been located in London’s East End for hundreds of years, supplying bells across the world including Big Ben.
  • Fort Amherst – Chatham
    Fort Amherst in Chatham is a Napoleonic fort built to defend the Medway and Royal Navy dockyard after the Dutch raided it in 1667.
  • 2022 HCVS London to Brighton Run
    Every year, the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society organises a run from London to Brighton for the buses and lorries which have been beautifully restored by their members. Unlike the more famous Veteran Car Run,...
  • 2016 HCVS London to Brighton Run
    Every year, the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society organises a run from London to Brighton for the buses and lorries which have been beautifully restored by their members. Unlike the more famous Veteran Car Run,...
  • Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Flypast
    The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee flypast seen from Waterloo Bridge on 2nd June 2022.
  • Tower of London Church Battle
    The triennial (every three years) battle between the Tower of London and the church of All Hallows by the Tower during the Beating of the Bounds.
  • Billingsgate Roman House and Baths
    In the City of London, beside a busy road and beneath a non-descript office building is a fabulous survival from the time of Roman London. A building where the Romans got hot and sweaty...
  • 2022 Royal Hospital, Chelsea
    The Royal Hospital in Chelsea is possibly the world’s most famous retirement home, where the Chelsea Pensioners live turning out for formal events in their well known scarlet (don’t call it red) jackets and...
  • Tower Bridge
    Not to be confused with London Bridge, Tower Bridge still lifts hundreds of times every year to allow river traffic to pass.
  • 2022 Firefighter’s Memorial Day
    St Florian is the Patron Saint of Firefighters and so his Feast Day of 4th May is marked as Firefighters’ Memorial Day. Firefighters Memorial is close to St Paul’s Cathedral.
  • 2022 Canal Cavalcade
    Little Venice, London
  • Working Shire Horses On London’s Hampstead Heath
    Head Horseman Tom Nixon of Operation Centaur guides shire horses Joey and William dragging a farrow along the cross country running course on Hampstead Heath.
  • 2022 Charterhouse
  • 2022 Life Guards
  • 2022 King Charles I Commemoration
    Whitehall and Horseguards, London