2019 Lord Mayor’s Balloon Regatta

Once a year, very early in the morning, there is a chance that hot air balloons will float across London. The Lord Mayor’s Balloon Regatta aims to fill the sky with dozens of balloons.

2019’s regatta saw 46 balloons silently lift at 05:15 into the sky from the launch site at Battersea Park. The balloons drifted East with the wind past the City of London and on towards Greenwich.

The Lord Mayor’s Balloon Regatta is a fundraising event for the Lord Mayor of the City of London’s nominated charities. The Lord Mayor is different to the Mayor of London currently, as of 2023, Sadiq Khan.

Event Flight Parameters

Hot air ballooning is very weather dependent under normal conditions. Add to that flying over a major city. Plus it happens in airspace used by several airports.

It quickly becomes apparent that circumstances have to be just right to allow a launch.

  • The weather can’t be too hot or the balloons won’t lift
  • The wind has to be strong enough the balloons are blown clear of London before start passing through to land
  • The wind needs to be blowing in the right direction. The balloon pilots will be able to find somewhere to land safely

Recent Flight History

With all that in mind, it is all the more appreciated when it does happen. The 2020 event was another victim of COVID, whereas the 2021 and 2022 regattas fell victim to the weather.

The 2019 regatta launched on 9th June, much to the delight of people up and about early in the morning.

Balloon Regatta Information

The regatta’s planned flight dates are published on the event’s website. With hot air ballooning, nothing is guaranteed. It is essential to check the website before setting the alarm to get up early: https://www.balloonregatta.com/

2019 Lord Mayor’s Balloon Regatta Picture Gallery

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