Paddle Steam Waverley in London, October 2022

Every Autumn the paddle steamer Waverley visits London to take passengers on cruises out to the Thames estuary. The Waverley is the last steam powered, sea going paddle steamer in the world.

These pictures were taken over several days in October 2022. There are also pictures of Waverley visiting the Thames Forts in the estuary.

Night on the Thames

Taken using three flash heads fired simultaneously and the camera set to ISO 25,600, just enough light reached 600m to reveal Waverley in the darkness.

Waverley had just passed through Tower Bridge and was heading downstream.


Tower Bridge

A tug is always on hand to help manoeuvre ships passing through Tower Bridge into the Pool of London.

The Pool of London

Having just passed through Tower Bridge, Waverley is guided up to London Bridge to be turned and then moor at Tower Millennium Pier in the top left of the pictures.

The old Billingsgate Fish Market in the background.

Tied up alongside Tower Millennium Pier.

Bermondsey, Rotherhithe & Wapping


The paddle box.

The bow cuts through the River Thames.

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