2019 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

The London to Brighton celebrates the repeal of the legislation that required motor powered vehicles to have a man walk in front of the car waving a red flag to warn other road users of its approach. The 2019 run took place on 3rd November.

Cars taking part have to be over a hundred years old. The event happens every year, early in November with cars setting off from London at dawn.

Coal Powered!

This chap holds on to the platform on the rear of the car, keeping the fire going all the way to Brighton.

Charging Down Whitehall

Wrapped Up Warm

Open top cars in wintry England means you’ll chill to the bone if not wrapped up warm.

A Preserved Fire Engine

Jezebel, operated by students from Imperial College.

Veteran Cars At Top Speed (Not Very Fast!)

The camera panning makes it look like the cars were storming along, in reality they go at a pretty sedate pace.

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