Inside An Old London Fire Brigade Emergency Tender

OXT779 is a beautifully preserved 1954 London Fire Brigade Emergency Tender based on an AEC Regent chassis.

Emergency Tenders were fire appliances which carried all sorts of specialised rescue equipment along with a specially trained crew.

Unlike traditional fire appliances, they have no pump so can’t be use to deliver water to hoses.

The picture shows OXT779 at the Euston Fire Station Open Day on 12-Aug-2023. To the right is a modern day equivalent, the Fire Rescue Unit (FRU) of which there are pictures below.

To see inside a modern day pumping fire engine, click here.

The pictures with a red border are 360 degree virtual tours which can be used like Google Street View.

The Officer in Charge (OiC)
The Driver

There were no seats in the back for the rest of the firemen.

They had to stand up and whilst putting their equipment on ready for whatever emergency they were going to.

The Current Fire Rescue Unit

The Officer in Charge (OiC)
The Driver

Today the Fire Rescue Unit is the modern version of the Emergency Tender. It’s bigger, carries far more equipment and every firefighter on the crew gets a seat.

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