Biggin Hill RAF Chapel Stained Glass

The RAF Memorial Chapel has twelve stained glass windows in the main chapel, with more in the annex. The photographs of the windows were taken on 03-Mar-2023. This is a work in progress, please get in contact with background information that can be added to the page. The window numbering is my own.

Building Plan of the RAF Memorial Chapel

North Wall Stained Glass

A composite photograph of the stained glass windows along the Northern wall.

South Wall Stained Glass

A composite photograph of the stained glass windows along the Southern wall.

N1: Spitfire Aircraft

Given by Vickers-Armstrongs Limited

S1: No. 610 Squadron RAF

F/O Gerald Ivo Cuthbert RAF of 601 Squadron
Killed in action in May 1940
Major Sidney John Cuthbert Scots Guards,
his brother killed in action in July 1944.
All things that are, Weep for them!
Weep for Youth that laughed so bright,
extravagantly fallen in the fight.

N2: RAF Fighter Command

Given by Fighter Command

  • Motto: Offence Defence
  • Wikipedia
  • A person making the stained glass is thought to of had a brother serving in an RAF Mosquito squadron, hence the real mosquito insect entombed in the stained glass as a visual pun

S2: No. 72 Squadron RAF

In Honoured Memory of a Dearly Loved Son
Sgt. Pilot Leonard Stock
Missing October 26th 1941

N3: No. 141 Squadron RAF

F/O Peter Bishop
Killed flying 8th July 1955
Il y a longtemps que je t’aime; jamais je ne t’oublierai
From his brother

  • Motto: Caedimus Noctu – “We slay by night”
  • F/O = Flying Officer
  • Google translation from French:
    “I have loved you for a long time; I will never forget you”
  • Aircraft is a Gloucester Meteor Jet
  • Wikipedia

S3: No. 79 Squadron RAF

Given by Rolls-Royce Limited

  • Motto: Nil nobis obstare potest – “Nothing can stand against us”
  • Wikipedia

N4: No. 92 Squadron RAF

And some there be who have no memorial

  • Motto: Aut pugna aut morere – “Either fight or die”
  • Wikipedia
  • East Indies Squadron

S4: No. 74 Squadron, RAF

Given by the Corporation of Lloyds
in memory of Lloyds men
who gave their lives in the
Battle of Britain

  • Motto: I fear no man
  • Wikipedia
  • Lloyds should be written as Lloyd’s when referring to the Corporation rather than other Lloyds entities

N5: No. 32 Squadron RAF

Flying Officer Ralph William Donovan
406 Squadron RCAF
Given by his parents

S5: No. 11 Group RAF

Presented by Fighter Command 1955

  • Motto: Tutela cordis – Latin for ‘Guardians of the heart’
  • Wikipedia

N6: RAF Biggin Hill

These windows were placed here during the Command of Wing Commander D.G. Smallwood D.S.O. M.B.E D.F.C and the Chaplaincy of the Revererand Vivian Symons 18th September 1955.

Given by all ranks of this Station as a memorial to those who fell while serving here during the Battle of Britain

  • Motto: The Strongest Link
  • Wikipedia
  • Badge shows an unbroken chain

S6: Hurricane Aircraft

Given by Hawker Aircraft Limited

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