2022 King Charles I Commemoration

30th January 1649 was a cold day in London as King Charles I walked towards the Banqueting House in Whitehall where, in a short while, he was to be executed as a conclusion to the English Civil War.

Annually, the English Civil War Society, The Royal Stuart Society and The Society of King Charles the Martyr all commemorate King Charles’ death.

The 2024 ECWS parade is on Sunday 28th January at 11:00. The Royal Stuart Society and the Society of King Charles the Martyr hold their commemorative events on the actual anniversary date, 30-Jan-2024.

The King’s Army of the English Civil War Society

The ECWS commemoration is the most colourful and impressive, with re-enactors dressed and equipped as members of King Charles’ army, the Cavaliers. The parade includes pikemen, cannon and even horses. The detailed preparation work that goes into the parade is astounding.

30th January 2022 Photo Gallery

Pictures are of the Royal Stuart Society’s Commemoration and The English Civil War Society’s Parade in 2022 when the 30th January fell on a Sunday so both events happened on the same day.

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