ARC Gloria and Juan Sebastián de Elcano

The visits of tall ships ARC Gloria and Juan Sebastián de Elcano overlapped with them making a spectacular sight moored alongside each other in South Dock, Canary Wharf.

As a courtesy ships, fly the flag of the nation in whose port they are, looking at the masts a Union Flag could be seen hoisted from the masts of the sailing ships.

ARC Gloria and Juan Sebastián de Elcano left on 5th July 2024 and ARC Gloria departed on 6th July 2024.

ARC Gloria

In service with the Columbian Navy as a training ship, ARC Gloria serves as the navy’s flagship as well. Following construction in Spain, the ship was commissioned into the Columbian Navy in 1968.

The sailing ship was named Gloria after Gloria Zawadsky De Rebeiz, the wife of the Minister of Defence General Gabriel Rebéiz Pizarro who approved the tall ship’s construction.

ARC stands for “Armada Nacional de la República de Colombia”.


Juan Sebastián de Elcano

The Spanish Navy’s Juan Sebastián de Elcano is the third largest tall ship in the world and has sailed well over 2,000,000 miles, the furthest distance of any sailing ship.

J.S. De Elcano serves as a training ship and is named after the Spanish explorer who was the captain of Ferdinand Magellan’s last exploration.

The ship carries the Elcano coat of arms which features a globe with the motto “Primus Circumdedisti Me” – “First to circumnavigate me”.


South Dock

The quaysides around South Dock have undergone a substantial transformation in recent years with once industrial area now given over to residential developments and green areas. This is the latest part of the decades long redevelopment of east London’s docks.

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