1953 Morris Minor fire engine TFC953

1953 Morris Minor fire engine TFC953 at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon, Warwickshire.

Museum Panel Text:

1953 Morris Minor – Morris Motors fire engine

This unique fire engine was built in 1953 by the Engineering Division of Morris Motors, using the prototype chassis for the new quarter ton Morris Minor van. It was originally fitted with a side valve engine but was later converted to the more powerful overhead valve ‘A’-series engine.

The fire engine fulfilled the requirement that had been specified by the Morris factory in 1932 that a fire fighting appliance should be able to travel between the Cowley assembly lines in event of an emergency.

In 1953 the previous fire engine was retired after twenty years’ service and this vehicle took over. The Minor saw service until 1983 when it was transferred to the reserve fleet. In 1990 it was fully retired and joined the Museum collection.

  • Engine: 4 cyl, 1098CC
  • Top speed: 73 mph [117 km/h]
  • Power: 48 bhp
  • Coachwork: Fire engine
  • Registration mark: TFC 953
  • Price new: Not quoted

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