Coronation: Red, White & Blue London Buildings

To mark the Coronation of King Charles III, London buildings were specially lit in red, white and blue for the Coronation weekend.

Photos taken on 7th May 2023.

The Houses of Parliament

The main body of the building was lit red, white and blue with animations projected on the Elizabeth Tower, better known as Big Ben to lots of people.

Tower Bridge

Since 1894, Tower Bridge has been an icon of the London skyline. Since the 1977 Silver Jubilee, it has been painted red, white and blue.

Now, with the installed LED lighting system, the bridge can be painted with any colour of light.

The Guildhall

In the heart of the City of London is located The Guildhall.

It is the ancient seat of government in the Square Mile (not to be confused with Greater London) and has played host to many historic events within its walls.

The Mansion House

During their one year of office, The Mansion House is the home of the Lord Mayor of the City of London, not to be confused with the Mayor of Greater London, currently Sadiq Khan as of 2023.

Most of the Mansion House is entertaining and reception rooms with a flat on the top floor providing a home.

The Shard

Like so many other prominent buildings, The Shard has an LED lighting system to illuminate the top of the building in a rainbow of colours which can be seen for miles around.

For the Coronation, the top of The Shard was, at times, lit as a Union Flag.

London Bridge

The site of the earliest crossing of the River Thames, London Bridge has been upgraded with an LED lighting system.

Standing in the shadow (literally) of The Shard, London Bridge was lit in blocks of red, white and blue.

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