The Roof Garden, The Post Building, New Oxford Street

The Post Building’s Roof Garden is a fantastic place to visit. The entrance to the Roof Garden is in New Oxford Street, very close to the British Museum and Holborn Underground station. With clear, stunning views North across Camden, it opens up a brand new vista. The viewpoint is not quite high enough to get completely unobstructed views East to the City of London and South across Westminster but it is still a great vantage point to see London from a new angle.

Looking Across Camden

Back to the view of Camden. It is the very first thing you see exiting the lift and completely opens up as you climb the staircase to the viewing platform (there is a lift for those that need it). The first thing to grab your attention is the turquoise green roof of the British Museum, floating above the inner courtyard. To the left is the BT (Post Office) Tower and then to the right the former Russel Hotel with a phalanx of trees in front of it.

Then you look further, past the Euston Road to the hills of Hampstead. It is the reverse of the view from Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath.

The Panoramic Views

Looking to the North from the Roof Garden at The Post Building in New Oxford Street.

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The Roof Garden

The garden is a series of terraces broken up by planters and oversized steps to sit on. The roof garden is arranged over three levels with an accessible lift between the levels. There are toilets on the top level. The public garden is on the Eastern side of the building.

360 Virtual Reality Photos

Click on the pictures below and look around – just like Google Street View. Click on the square icon to make them full screen.

The North Side
The South Side

Finding The Entrance

The roof garden is to the top left of the large clock in the top middle of the picture. This is the view from the traffic light junction outside Holborn tube station (Central and Piccadilly lines).

The entrance to the roof garden is down the road the bus is heading towards.

Opening Hours

As of 29th October 2022, the opening times are advertised on Google Maps as seven days a week from 10:00 to 19:00, although at the entrance it did say it closed at dusk if that was before 19:00.

You have to show ID to enter, put your bags through an X-Ray machine and you walk through a metal detection arch.

The entrance to the roof garden is to the left of the motor bike, through the double glass doors.

There is a big blue metal shute in the reception area for the roof garden.

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