The Geometric Staircase at St Paul’s Cathedral

Designed by Sir Christopher Wren, the Geometric Staircase is an engineering marvel within an architectural landmark. To Harry Potter film fans it is better known as the Divination Stairwell.

The staircase rising past one of the windows. Its official name is The Dean’s Staircase.

Seen from against the wall, a cacophony of curves rises up the 88 steps of the Geometric Staircase.

Looking straight up, this picture was taken with the camera lying on the floor.

360 virtual tour of Sir Christopher Wren’s Geometric staircase from the base.

360 virtual tour of the staircase, known to Harry Potter film fans as the Divination Stairwell, seen from the top.

The staircase clings to the tower’s interior as it rises elegantly from ground level to the Triforium Floor.

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