Danger Mouse’s Blue Plaque

There are thousands of plaques across London remembering important events and people associated with buildings and around local areas. Amongst all the “proper” plaques there are a few fun ones including Danger Mouse’s. The plaque is on the side of a post box close to Baker Street station and near to the Sherlock Homes museum at 221b Baker Street,

Danger Mouse – Secret Agent

Danger Mouse is a British secret agent whose adventures featured in the children’s TV cartoon series of the same name. He, along with his sidekick Penfold and boss Colonel K, were kept busy thwarting the evil Baron Silas Greenback who was supported by his partners in crime Stiletto and Nero.

Danger Mouse’s Blue Plaque

The cartoon revealed that Danger Mouse and Penfold had a secret base in a post box. Someone has now discovered that post box was located at the junction of Melcombe Street and Baker Street in London. So it was only right that a blue plaque be placed to mark the spot. Fittingly, because it remembers a mouse, it probably the smallest in London.

The plaque has clearly been there a few years as it appears on Google Street View.

Real Life Secret Agents

Very close to Danger Mouse’s plaque, is Dorset Square. During World War Two, 1 Dorset Square was the base of real life secret agents. They were part of the WW2 Free French Forces whose secret agents carried out dangerous missions in occupied France. Missions which a lot of the agents did not return from being killed or captured.

A plaque on the building tells the story.

This plaque is erected to commemorate the deeds of men and women of the Free French Forces and their British comrades who left from this house on special missions to enemy occupied France and to honour those who did not return.

1941 – 1944

This plaque was unveiled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother on the 15th June 1957

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