D37 HMS Duncan Leaving Portsmouth

On Monday 27th May 2024, the Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyer D37 HMS Duncan departed Portsmouth and headed out into the English Channel.

The ship’s company lined the rails as is traditional for a naval ship heading out on operations. The sunlight was strong with the wind blowing hard creating whitecaps on the waves.

The Royal Navy’s Twitter feed said HMS Duncan was deploying to protect shipping in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

Sailing Through The Solent

HMS Duncan was guided out of Portsmouth by two tugs.

Passing Spitbank Fort in The Solent.

Harbour Pilot Cutter

A Pilot cutter followed alongside ready to pickup, once out to sea, the Harbour Pilot who had had the responsibility of safely manoeuvring HMS Duncan out of Portsmouth harbour, through The Solent and out into the English Channel. In the last photo, the Harbour Pilot’s cutter is alongside ready for the harbour Pilot to climb down a ladder on to it.

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