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Coronation: Red, White & Blue London Buildings

To mark the Coronation of King Charles II, London buildings were specially lit in red, white and blue for the Coronation weekend.Read More

Zipwire Across The City of London Skyline

The London Landmarks Skyscraper Challenge has rigged a zipwire from The Cheesegrater to The Gherkin in the City of London. These pictures were taken from 1.2 miles away in Bermondsey on 09-Sep-2023.Read More

HNLMS Urk Minehunter M861 in London

The Royal Netherlands Navy Alkmaar class mine counter measures vessel HNLMS Urk M861 visiting London in September 2018.Read More

X-Pilot Rendezvous With Waverley and Challenge

In October 2022 X-Pilot, paddle steamer Waverley and steam tug Challenge rendezvoused at the World War Two Red Sands Maunsell fort.Read More