Class 55 Deltic “Alycidon” at Finsbury Park

Preserved British Rail Class 55 Deltic 55009 “Alycidon” coasts through Finsbury Park’s platform four as it slows for the final stop at London King’s Cross.

The special train passed through 35 minutes late at 13:48 hauling the outward leg of a special train from Willington for the Deltic Preservation Society.

“Alycidon” is named for a British thoroughbred horse of the late 1940s. The diesel electric Deltics replaced steam locomotives on East Coast Main Line express trains in the 1960s and were in turn replaced by the Intercity 125s. The name Deltic comes from the engine which, in cross section, looks like the Greek letter Delta.

To find out about special trains on the main line railways, look at the Rail Advent website then use Real Time Trains to track it.

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