Tall Ship ARC Gloria Leaves London

ARC Gloria, flagship of the Colombian Navy, having been moored in South Dock (Canary Wharf) for a few days, sailed up the River Thames into central London before departing out to sea.

The ship sailed past the historic Angel pub in Bermondsey.

Passing Hermitage Moorings on the Wapping side of the river, the helm lined up ARC Gloria to pass through Tower Bridge.

Guided by tugs through Tower Bridge, ARC Gloria entered the Pool of London, the name for the river between Tower Bridge and London Bridge. Alongside the river is the Tower of London with the City of London’s skyline rising behind it.

On the south bank of the Pool of London is the Imperial War Museum’s Royal Navy ship HMS Belfast and rising behind it The Shard.

To the bottom left of the picture can be seen the hundreds of flag waving Colombians who had come to watch ARC Gloria pass through Tower Bridge.

ARC Gloria passed through Tower Bridge for the second time within an hour.

To the left of Arc Gloria can be seen the tugs Haven Supporter (blue hull) and Thames Vixen which had guided the ship through the voyage on the river. To the left, at the base of Tower Bridge, is the Port of London Authority’s (PLA) launch “Lambeth” which has a catamaran hull.

Having passed through Tower Bridge, ARC Gloria sailed down river with Wapping and the City of London as a backdrop.

Passing Wapping Reach for the second time.

ARC Gloria then rounded the Rotherhithe peninsular heading down river to the North Sea.

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