Extreme E Support Ship “St Helena” Visits London

The former Royal Mail Ship RMS St Helena sailed up the River Thames through Tower Bridge to tie up alongside the museum ship HMS Belfast in the historic Pool of London. early in the morning on Wednesday 26th June 2024.

The St Helena was built to carry passengers and cargo to the British Overseas Territories of St Helena, Ascension and (occasionally) Tristan da Cunha. The ship’s route took it shuttling back and forth between the islands and South Africa with occasional trips back to the UK.

When the airport opened on St Helena, the RMS was no longer needed to carry passengers so was sold by the British Government to the Extreme E Racing Series who needed the ships ability to unload itself and carry passengers to far flung places. The ship’s hold is now a giant car maintenance garage.

In Wapping Reach

The low angle of the golden morning sun revealed every bump on the hull of the St Helena.

Sailing Past The City of London

With the City of London (the Square Mile) bathed in golden early morning sunshine, the former RMS St Helena sails up the River Thames to moor in the Pool of London. There is large painted text on the side stating “Not Electric Yet”, a reference to the ship still using fossil fuels.

The picture to the right was taken on 7th June 2016. It is staggering how much the City of London’s skyline has changed in just eight years.

Approaching Tower Bridge

The bridge lifted at 06:15 on 26th June 2024 for the St Helena to pass through guided by tugs.

When the then RMS St Helena entered the Pool of London for the last time as a Royal Mail Ship on 7th June 2016, there was more traffic on the River Thames as it was the middle of the day.

The then RMS St Helena turning at Wapping Reach on 10th June 2016, ready to head out from London down the River Thames for the last time as a Royal Mail Ship.

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