Tower of London Church Battle

On Ascension Day, 26th May 2022, there was a battle on Tower Hill between two age old enemies; the Tower of London and the church of All Hallows by the Tower, in a dispute over the parish boundaries that has been simmering away since 1698 and erupts every three years.

The two protagonists met with much cheering and they agreed to continue to live in peace for the time being. Hostilities will resume on Ascension Day 2025.

Earlier, All Hallows by the Tower had beaten the bounds so everyone knew where the boundaries of the parish where. Each boundary marker post was hit with willow sticks carried by the procession. If it was like previous years, some will of boarded a boat to thrash the mid-river boundary.

Once the battle was over, the Yeoman Warders processed around the boundary of the Tower of London Liberties had the procession use willow sticks to hit the boundary markers so all would remember where they where to be found, known as Beating the Bounds.

Another infrequent ceremony at the Tower of London is the Ceremony of the Constable’s Dues.

Triennial Church Battle – Picture Gallery

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