London Fire Brigade Museum at Lambeth Workshops

The 09-Sep-2017 saw a gathering of old and new fire appliances at London Fire Brigade’s former workshops in Lambeth behind the old headquarters building.

Equipment Display

The equipment carried by a Fire Rescue Unit and a Pump Ladder appliance was carefully laid out in from of them.

Current Appliances

Fast Response Vehicles

A fleet of Minis were originally sourced to provide a first strike capability at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Since the Olympics they have been used by officers.

Vintage Appliances

There are many preserved London Fire Brigade appliances, a good selection of which were on display thanks to their owners.

1916 Dennis Pump Type N LP8389 “Jezebel”

Maintained by a dedicated group at Imperial College, LP8389 is regularly seen at events like the London to Brighton runs.

1937 Leyland Metz DGJ309

The preserved turntable ladders, known as TLs, carry ladders which extend to 100 feet high for rescue and to project water over fires from a high vantage point.

1954 Emergency Tender OXT779

OXT779 made for a complete contrast with the modern day Fire Rescue Unit which was on display with all its equipment laid out on display. You can see inside OXT779 on this page.

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