Luke Jerram’s “Mars” at K&C Town Hall

Jubilee Square at Kensington and Chelsea’s Town Hall was the final site displaying Luke Jerram’s “Mars: War and Peace” as part of the 2023 Kensington and Chelsea Festival. Mars had previously been displayed at St. John the Baptist Church and All Saints Church (see links below).

Amongst many other works of art, Luke is probably best known for his giant inflatable globes depicting Earth, Moon and Mars. These have been displayed across the world with all three being seen in London in recent years.

Jubilee Square is bounded to the South by the Central Library, on whose roof is the sculpted figure of “Genius” by William McMillan (1887–1977).

From just the right angle, it looked like Genius was dancing across the surface of Mars.

The picture was taken by having the camera on top of a monopod, which was held up by a flag pole holder on my belt. The camera was then controlled via WiFi using the Canon app on my phone.

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