2024 Clowns International Grimaldi Service

Clowns International holds the Grimaldi Service on the first Sunday in February at All Saints, Haggerston in East London which is known as “The Clown’s Church”. Joseph Grimaldi is recognised as the first modern clown and is buried at St James’ churchyard in Islington where the service was held until it was destroyed in a fire.

The clergy and clowns processed down the aisle.

The front pews of the church were filled with clowns. The church was packed with photographers being charged £10 for a press pass which went towards the running of the event and the work of All Saints.

The 2024 Clowns Service was attended by the Bishop of Stepney, The Rt. Revd. Dr. Joanne Grenfell with Revd. Laura Luz as the officiating priest.

One quote stood out from the reading for me “Happiness is free to give but is so valued by the recipient” (paraphrased, I can’ remember the exact words).

The Clowns Prayer

Dear Lord, I thank you for calling me to share with others your most precious gift of laughter.

May I never forget that it is your gift, and my privilege.

As your children are rebuked in their sef-importance and cheered in their sadness, help me to remember that your foolishness is wiser thean our wisdom.

Candles were lit to remember Clowns who have passed away since the last service.

A large party cake was blessed by the bishop.

Before and after the service, clowns were in the street entertaining the crowd

Outside of All Saints, music was being played on a hand wound organ.

All Saints, Haggerston in East London

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