Posts About Ships

Apart from the normal River Thames boats, lots of amazing ships visit London throughout the year with lots passing through Tower Bridge.

D37 HMS Duncan Leaving Portsmouth

On Monday 27th May 2024, the Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyer D37 HMS Duncan departed Portsmouth and headed out into the English Channel.

A900 HNLMS Mercuur Visits London

On Thursday 23-Nov-2023, the Dutch Navy submarine support ship HNLMS Mercuur sails up the River Thames to visit London.

Paddle Steamer Waverley’s 2023 London Visit

Paddle Steamer Waverley passing downstream through Tower Bridge for the first time in the London 2023 season on 24th September 2023.

Trinity House Vessel Galatea Sails Up The Thames

Trinity House Vessel Galatea Sails Up The Thames on 03-Sep-2023 and passes through Tower Bridge to visit London.

VIC 96 Visits London

Steam powered VIC 96, sister ship of VIC 56, visited Hermitage Moorings in London, close to Tower Bridge on 17th & 18th June 2023.

Chemical Tanker “Sir John Fisher” Visits London

At dawn on 29th March 2023, the chemical tanker “Sir John Fisher” slipped downstream on the River Thames through London.

Steam Tug Portwey

Built in 1927, Portwey is a preserved steam powered tug taken care of by a dedicated band of volunteers at their base in West India Dock.

Paddle Steam Waverley in London, October 2022

The paddle steamer Waverley visits London in Autumn to run cruises on the Thames. The world’s last steam powered, sea going paddle steamer.

Steam Tug Challenge Sails Up The River Thames

The preserved Steam Tug Challenge, a World War Two Dunkirk evacuation veteran, sailed up the River Thames on 10th October 2022.

X-Pilot Rendezvous With Waverley and Challenge

In October 2022 X-Pilot, paddle steamer Waverley and steam tug Challenge rendezvoused at the World War Two Red Sands Maunsell fort.

Sailing Ship “Stad Amsterdam” Visits London

On 19th September 2022, the Dutch sailing ship “Stad Amsterdam”, was moored at George Stairs, close to Tower Bridge in London.

Sailing Vessel Tenacious

Tenacious, owned by the Jubilee Sailing Trust, is purpose built to enable people of all abilities to take an active part in sailing the ship.

Colne Thames Barge Match (Race) 2022

The River Colne Thames Barge Match is traditionally the last race of the year between traditional Thames Sailing Barges.

Thames Vitality Oxygenation Boat

The Thames Water Vitality and Bubbler boats oxygenate the River Thames when sewage is released untreated into the River Thames.

Götheborg of Sweden Sailing Ship Visits London

The 17th century Götheborg of Sweden, the world’s largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship, visited London in August 2022.

Cruise Ship “Hamburg” Visits London

On 10th July 2022, the cruise ship “Hamburg” visited London, sailing up the River Thames and passing through Tower Bridge.

Cruise Ship “Silver Wind” Leaves London

On 19th June 2022, the cruise ship “Silver Wind” passed through Tower Bridge and left London guided by tugs.

Cargo Ship Fure Vinga Visits London

The Swedish cargo ship “Fure Vinga” was an unusual sight to be seen tied up alongside HMS Belfast in early June 2022.

RRS Sir David Attenborough Passes Woolwich

The RRS Sir David Attenborough is operated by the British Antarctic Survey and was seen passing Woolwich in filthy weather on 31-Oct-2021.

Royal Navy P282 HMS Severn Visits London

HMS Severn sails out of London after recommissioning into the Royal Navy, the first reactivation of a ship since the 1982 Falklands Conflict.

NLV Pharos Visiting London

NLV Pharos visiting London in September 2019. Pharos maintains shipping navigation marks around the Scottish coastline.

Jade 959 in London, September 2019

The motor yacht Jade 959 visited London in September 2019. The crew of ten can host twelve guests in six suites.

French Sailing Ship Belem in London

Belem start life as a cargo ship in 1896 and was converted into a private yacht and then eventually into a sail training ship.

Lloyd’s of London

A tour around Lloyd’s of London, the City of London’s insurance and reinsurance market housed in an iconic building designed by Norman Foster.

HNLMS Urk Minehunter M861 in London

The Royal Netherlands Navy Alkmaar class mine counter measures vessel HNLMS Urk M861 visiting London in September 2018.

VIC 56’s Visit to Central London

In June 2018, the preserved steam ship VIC 56 visited Hermitage Moorings in Wapping – just downstream from Tower Bridge.

General Cargo Ship “Fast Julia”

On 24th March 2018, the general cargo ship “Fast Julia” passed downstream on the River Thames through London.